Buff Llama Soaps was started because of the need for healthy skin. We are professional bodybuilders and are cautious and aware of what we put into our bodies. With this, we needed to start being conscience of what we were putting on our bodies.

We decided after tons of research, that we could make our own fresh, healthy soap made from ingredients that did not have harmful chemicals. All the scrub soaps have natural ingredients and no plastic beads for exfoliation.

The botanical soaps have real dried flowers right from our gardens. The palm oil in our soaps is from and is a part of the Roundable on Sustainable Palm Oil Company. We wanted to share this ideology with the world, that people should watch not only what they put in their bodies, but watch what they put on their bodies as well.

Our soaps are made in small batches and each bar of soap is hand cut, no two bars of soap are the same, we try for 5-6 oz per each bar of soap. The frosted top soaps are much larger and heavier than the regular bar of soap and can range up to 7-8 oz per bar.

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My favorite of all soaps, but very happy with ALL of my purchases!! Great!!!


Beautifully packaged. Quick shipping. What a wonderful assortment of delicious scents!


Absolutely love these soaps!! They smell amazing and make my skin feel so good. And Kristi is an amazing person!


The cutest signature type soap!!! I’m SOOOO Happy with my purchases!!!