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Handmade soap is better for your skin vs store bought or mass produced soaps. We make our soaps in small batches which offers a higher quality of ingredients. We use only the finest quality ingredients available.

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Handmade soaps offer better moisture retention by containing glycerin.

By having glycerin in our soaps it attracts that moisturizing properties to your skin.

Our scrub soaps also contain fresh exfoliants such as oatmeal, coffee, poppy seeds as well as cranberry seeds.

Use handmade soaps to give your skin the best nourishing glow ever.

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My favorite of all soaps, but very happy with ALL of my purchases!! Great!!!


Beautifully packaged. Quick shipping. What a wonderful assortment of delicious scents!


Absolutely love these soaps!! They smell amazing and make my skin feel so good. And Kristi is an amazing person!


The cutest signature type soap!!! I’m SOOOO Happy with my purchases!!!